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The company's world-class manufacturing facility at Rusayl started commercial production in 1993 using the core technology sourced from Babcock Transformers, UK. Recently company has successfully implemented LEAN MANUFACTURING SYSTEM in the year 2015. On an average it manufactures 350 nos. of various ratings of distribution transformers, ranging from 100 KVA to 2000 KVA per month.

Design Facilty

Electrical and Mechanical designs are made in-house and are verified by using appropriate software. For mechanical design, 3-D software is used. Man power in Design department is competent enough to carry out cost effective designs to meet the specification given by customers.


Voltamp Transformers Oman SAOC is well equipped to manufacture distribution and small power transformers up to 15 MVA, 33 kV class.


Different types of windings are produced as per design:

  • Foil winding are made on Broomfield and Atkins make machines
  • Wire windings are made on LAE wire winding machines
  • Disc and Layer windings are made on Vikrant make machines
  • Cross Over windings are made on Vikrant make machines.

Core Cutting Line

VTO SAOC has core cutting line of GEORGE which is pioneer company for core cutting process. It can cut laminations up to 400 mm width.
core cutting

Core Assembly

Core assemblies are made either in-house or outsourced to renowned suppliers like Legnano Teknoelctric Company middle east. Core is designed as per losses specified by the customer area. Extra care is taken for connections of winding leads, using proper terminal gears to tap changer and leads. Certified personnel make the appropriate brazing or crimping connections.
core assemply

Tank and fittings

Tanks are fabricated from the best quality mild steel sheets by electric welding. We are using corrugated tanks for distribution transformers up to 2000KVA and for higher ratings and for special transformers we are using conventional tanks with radiators. All fittings and accessories used are of reliable makes from Europe.Only hot dip galvanized or stainless steel fasteners are used which never get rusted.

Drying Process

Core coil assembly is kept in vacuum oven for 24 to 36 hours depending upon its rating to extract moisture content present in insulation material used in core coil assembly. After taking out the assembly from oven insulation resistance is measured to ensure proper dryness of the assembly.



Core coil assembly is inserted in tank after carrying out necessary pressing/tightening work and all the accessories are fitted on the tank as per customer’s specification and filtered oil is filled in the tank. Complete transformer is kept under oil pressure for 24 hours to ensure it is leak free.



Testing laboratory of Voltamp Transformers Oman SAOC is well equipped to carry out following tests on transformers as per various standards like IEC, BS, IEEE etc.

  • Induced over-voltage test (ACSD and ACLD with PD measurements)
  • Power frequency withstand voltage test
  • Temperature rise test
  • Measurement of noise level
  • Measurement of harmonics and zero sequence impedance
  • Capacitance and tan delta measurement;
  • SFRA (Sweep Frequency Response Analysis), etc.

If asked by the customer to carry out Lightening Impulse Test, transformer is sent to our Power transformer unit located at Sohar, 200 Kms away from distribution unit located in Rusayl.


Quality Control

There are several check points for each process of manufacturing of transformers which are verified before next process is started. Following are the various stages where check points are verified:

  • Receipt of material
  • Winding
  • Core cutting and core assembly
  • Core-coil assembly
  • Drying
  • Tanking
  • Testing
  • Painting and
  • Dispatch

Installation and After Sales Support

Voltamp Transformers Oman SAOC has a dedicated team of engineers to provide service during installation and commissioning. The Company is committed to attend any calls within 24 hours. Company is also keeping standby standard transformer units at its facility so that they can be mobilized to site within 24 hours of requirement.